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Legal Assistance in all types of Immigration Procedures

Immigration Legal Advise for Individuals and Companies

With more than 15 years of experience in immigration procedures, our main job is to provide our clients with the best possible options for them to immigrate legally to Panama.

Each case is study carefully and separately,

We provide our client with an action  plan with a  succesfull outcome. 

We Guarantee Our Clients

24 Hour Response

Flat Rate

Immigration Options

Panama has different immigration options, from the simplest to the complex. The best option for you depends on the documents and requierements that you are able  to provide us.  Some of our most frequently asked residencies are :

  • Friendly Nations  Agreement Residency (FVN)

  • Panama & Italy Agreement Residency

  • Pensioned Residency

  • As investor in Real Estate

  • As Investor in an business

Work Permits

Work Permits in Panama are related to the immigration estatus.  You cannot obtain a work permit without a legal residency in Panama . Want to kow more? Please contact us.

Immigration and Business

Some immigrations procedures are related to business, that's why we also provide our clientes with our corporate service for the cases in which a Panama Corporation is the best option. If you need a Panama Corporation please find information below:


1. How do I know what type of Residence is convenient for me?

Once you contact us, we will ask a lot of personal  questions related to nationality, income, profession, etc. Once we have all the info we will recommend what would be the best route for you.


2. How is the process?

All immigration process start with a Registry. It is the start of the process, and must be done personally with your lawyer.  This registry is a stamp in your passport, and it means that a file is open to start a process.

Once it is done, we can file all the documents, if everything is OK, the immigration office will let us take your first card (In Process Card). This will be valid until you residency is approved. 

3. How long an immigration process could take?

It will depend of the type of immigration process. All processes are different.  Usually the first residency card is obtain between 6-9 months. 

4.  Do I need to be in Panama to apply?

Yes, you need to be in Panama to apply. Once you obtain the In Process Card and Multiple Entry Visa, you can be able  to travel.

5. What is  Multiple Entry Visa?

Everyone in a process to obtain residency in Panama must obtain a Multiple Entry Visa. It allow you to travel during an Immigration Procedure. The absence of this Visa is the fine of US$2,000.00.

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