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Panama Corporations


You can use a Panama Corporation for a immigration procedure, business, or assets protection.

Its estructure require a minimum of 3 members for the board of directors, for the offices of President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The information related to shareholders is private,  howerver we as your Registered Agent, need to know the identitiy and name of the final benecifiary of the corporation, to comply the law and the due diligence.

You do not have to be in Panama to register a Panama Corporation, we will exhange information via email. Once we receive your information, documemts and funds, we will start the procedure. Our time of incorporation is 72 hours.

Our time of incorporation is 72 hours.


Once you decide that you want a Panama Corporation, we will ask you a few questions through a few form that you will need to send back to us signed. Some of the requierements are:

3 option name for the corporation to verify the availibility

3  names for the offices of the Board of Directo, it must come with the photocopies of their passport.

Name of the final beneficiary of the coproration, it must come with the pohotocpies of their passport.

Documents delivered

Our costs include

  • Public Deed duly registered in the Panama Public Registry.

  • Govermental Stamps.

  • Notary's Fees.

  • Public Registry Rights.

  • First Payment of the Annual Franchise.

  • Shares.

  • Minute book.

  • Share registration book.

  • First year of Registered Agent fee..

  • Translations (Spanish to English).

If you need the corporation documents to be send  somewhere outside Panama, an additional costs must be included.

Annual Costs

To mantain the existance of the corporation every year  you will be requiere to pay the Government an Annual Franchise of US$300.00, plus our Agent Registered Fee of US$200.00

We will also  ask you to renew some documents and info, in order to comply the law.

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